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Frequently Asked Question and Grooming Post Tips


  1. I have a new puppy, where should it sleep and how should I handle this?
  2. When is the right time for my puppies first grooming?
  3. How do I get my puppy used to a brush?
  4. When should I start obedience training for my dog?
  5. How often should my Dog be groomed?
  6. What kind of  food should I be using?
  7. What supplements are best for my dog?
  8. When should I play with my dog?



 I have a new puppy, where should it sleep and how should I handle this?

Crate train your pup/dog. Dogs have evolved from wolves/jackals and have a natural instinct to sleep in dens,a crate helps with this.  Use a good crate (Vari Kennels are excellent)  Take him/her for short car rides in the crate. Praise him when you take him out of the crate. Crate him/her to sleep at night in your bedroom. Put the crate at the side of your bed so the pup can see you while falling asleep.  When you are going out during the day move the crate in your kitchen, and crate the puppy/dog there. Leave a radio on while you are out. Human voices will help to keep him calm.  Also leave a chew toy or hoof for he/she to chew on.
VERY IMPORTANT: Never leave your pet in the crate with a collar on. It could get caught on something and choke your pet.



 When is the right time for my puppies first grooming?

A puppy should start to be groomed at a shop at around 12-14 weeks of age. At this age they should have had at least two sets of their puppy vaccines. Starting them young gets them used to the grooming process fairly easy. If you wait until they are 5-6  months old or older, they, like a teenager, will be more prone to resist being groomed. Start them young and stay with it and they will learn to really enjoy being groomed. Most of the dogs that come into are shop do so wagging their tails and eager to be groomed.



 How do I get my puppy used to a brush?

Getting your puppy or adult dog used to being brushed and combed is fairly easy. You can start on the floor or better yet, if the size of your pet allows for an elevated table or counter, use that. When you first start, it is helpful to have two people.  I would keep the puppy/dog with their leash and collar on to remind them that you are in control. One person should hold the leash and collar, while the other person slowly and gently runs the brush over your pets shoulder and back and hip areas. As your dog learned to cooperate you can reward them with a treat. If they resist and try to mouth or nibble at the brush tell them no, and then slowly and gently start again. Do this 3-4 times a week and keep the lessons short and fun. Five to ten minutes per session is good.


 When should I start obedience training for my dog?

Join an obedience class with your pup/dog as soon as possible. Twelve weeks is not too young to start. A pups brain is fully developed at ten weeks of age. An obedience class will help to train you and your puppy/dog together. He/she will meet other dogs and that will also help to socialize him/her.
If you adopt an older pup/dog an obedience class will be especially helpful for you to both learn and bond.



 How often should my Dog be groomed?

How often a dog needs to be groomed really depends on the breed. Most breeds with more coat(hair) come to ours hop every four weeks. Some of these breeds include shiatsus, poodles, yorkies. bichons, schnauzers, doodles and any mixed breeds with coat that tend to grow long.  Labs and other short coated breeds can usually go a little longer. Although many of our customers like a clean dog and will bring these breeds and short haired mixed breeds in just as often.



 What kind of  food should I be using?
REGULAR: Feed a good quality dry dog food. I believe one of the very best is Solid Gold. Their products are all natural, and they use only the best quality ingredients.
HYPO-ALLERGENIC: The most Hypo-Allergenic pet food I believe to be on the market today is made by Orijen.  A pet food using freshly gathered ingredients from the lakes and farmlands
      To learn more about these two foods, click here


 What supplements are best for my dog?

One of my favorite supplements is Seameal made by Solid Gold Foods. I have had my two Akitas, Rika and her daughter Lightfoot, on it since they were puppies and it has helped them stay in great health. Rika is 11 years old and can still keep up with her ENERGETIC and fun loving 7 year old daughter. The Seameal is made up of different dried seaweeds (and other natural ingredients) that are concentrated with enzymes which are important for a dog's good health as it helps support the auto-immune system which helps keep a healthy pet.



 When should I play with my dog?

Dogs need attention!  Whatever the time of day you choose, setting aside a good amount of time for Quality Time and Playtime is absolutely critical! Spend as much time as you can with your pet. Puppies and newly adopted adults/young adults need lots of attention. The first 6 months to a year are critical to a puppies development into a healthy, happy , well adjusted adult. Think about it before you acquire a pup/dog. They are social animals that need  a lot of human care and  attention.



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