Products At The Grooming Post

 We carry an extensive range of top quality pet food and grooming products.








Pet Foods

Solid Gold Dog and Cat food

  • Among the best foods I have found.   All natural and only first quality ingredients consisting of only lamb meat-based protein – NO soy , corn or wheat products used. These (3) ingredients are all allergens to dogs and can contribute to skin allergies, rashes etc. in your dog or cat. An example of this would be dogs that lick or bite their feet and bodies enough to cause sores and hotspots. We also carry a mouth-watering line of all-natural treats.


  • The most Hypo-Allergenic pet food I believe to be on the market today.  A Canadian pet food using freshly gathered ingredients from the lakes and farmlands of the central lands.  All of the ingredients are human grade quality.  There are no grains in the Orijen food.  All carbs are vegetable and natural plants. 






Flea and Tick Supplies

  • Abolish fleas and ticks with our highly effective Zodiac sprays, powders and preventative collars for dogs and cats. We stock carpet sprays and bombs for indoor use as well as Outdoor Zodiac Yard Sprays for the yard. We also carry Frontline & Defend – both of which are top-notch topical flea & tick preventatives






Grooming Tools

  • A quality line of combs, brushes and deshedding tools,  the same brands we ourselves use to groom your pets. We will be happy to share any information on how to use these tools safe and effectively. Brands carried include Lambert Kay, Franks Universal Stickers, Ethical and Four Paws.









Leashes & Collars

  • We carry a full line (Dog & Cat) of Lupine leashes and collars and yes! we have Flexi Leash – the original 16 to 28 foot extended leash for dogs and cats. We also have dog tie-outs and overhead trolleys to keep your pet safe outside.









Dental & Chew Toys

    Dental & Chew

  • All Nylabone & Gumabone chew toys and treats. These toys and treats are long lasting, great for teeth and gums and easily digested. Also available are Kong rubber toys – the most durable rubber toys for your dog. Kong rubber toys will keep them chewing for hours.


  • A large selection of satisfying rawhide bones and treats for your dog. Another great way for your dog to keep his teeth and gums healthy. And don't forget that all the rawhide at the Grooming Post is American Processed and not imported from other countries, where the quality might be questionable. 








Specialty/Novelty Items

  • Ceramic Bowls & Treat Jars for Dogs and Cats. Charming and unique items not found in most pet shops









Toys, Litter Boxes and other Cat related items

  • Dr. Daniels, Cosmic Catnip and Vo–Toys are just some of the brands we carry in our extensive collection of cat toys. We also stock cat litter boxes by Doskocil and cat carriers that are airline approved as well as scratching posts, cat litter and other cat related items









Toys and other Dog related items

  • We feature Lambert Kay & Aspen Fleece Squeak toys, with a large selection of Dinosaurs, Hedgehogs, Bone-Shapes, Skunks, Dogs, Pigs, and Horse shaped toys that make animal sounds when squeezed. The Fleece and cloth toys are safe and most dogs love them!











If you have questions or comments on our line of top-quality pet-related products please do not hesitate to contact us. We will happy to provide any information you need.



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